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Simple Seating & Office has been established with a few ideas in mind. Simple. Effective. Useful.   

We strive to be an Office Seating Dealer that has modified its process from a large client focus to the everyday client. Purchasing seating should be a very easy process, we have provided our customers with an online service that can be completed in minutes. 


Simple Seating & Office was established on October 13th, 2020. We originally started with this idea a few years before we launched the company. After a few months of business planning and creating a fully functioning website, we committed and now we are here.     


Simple Seating & Office provides seating solutions for homes and offices. We have worked with these manufacturers for many years and have the same concepts in mind quality over quantity. We provide the best price and quality and limit all of the options that do not suit our customer's needs.  



Simple Seating & Office online service is available across the united states. Based in Maryland we plan to bring an in-person service to the surrounding states within a few years.  


Simple Seating & Office started like all business, just an idea. Growing up in the industry we had many ideas and as times past this one always stuck. My immediate family has over 85 years of experience in the industry.


Keeping this experience in mind and watching our industry evolve is why we want to help you make this stressful and expensive business decision very simple. We built this company around the idea of creating affordable seating that suits your needs



Simple Seating & Office Co-Founder & CEO Andrew Cimino started in the furniture installation business when he was in high school. In his senior year, he would attend school for the first half of the day and then work for his family business the other half. 

Years later he left the family business and went into the mortgage for a couple of years. Working with 3 different mortgages, he decided it was time to return to the family business and use his gained experience in, sales, management, and operations.

After 10 years Andrew decided to continue working at his family business but create a new opportunity that applies to our changing, economy, environment, and human interaction. 





Jon Pugh

Simple, Easy & Affordable.

Kevin O'Connor

Great Service , Good People. 

Zach Thompson 

Very responsive and understanding from start to finish of our project. 

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